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Latin for Duolingo

I've been looking and so far I have not found something online which works as well as Duolingo for learning languages in my opinion which at the same time offers a Latin course. I'd like to learn Latin and I know Duolingo isn't only focusing on spoken languages since there are synthesized languages available. I'm posting on the subject hoping another voice on the matter can be heard since other people have contributed thoughts on the matter in the past.

July 21, 2017



[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


You mean, that pretty much go ignored.


You're better off buying something like Teach Yourself Latin, or Colloquial Latin . I doubt Duolingo will add Latin any time soon, especially when Latin professors have offered to create a course and they get rejected or never replied back. But that's only if you really actually wanna learn Latin.

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