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Don't you know how to say "reddish purple" or "greenish blue" in Spanish?

The "-ish" versions of colours in Spanish may be a bit puzzling for English speaking people learning the language.

Enters this freshly made deck https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/65b57a9c-f4ba-448a-8c5c-9e54f484641c to the rescue! :P

By the way:

Reddish purple = morado rojizo

Greenish blue = azul verdoso

Yellowish green = verde amarillento


Hope somebody out there finds it helpful!

July 21, 2017



Currently your post is in the English Duolingo forum, which is for the entire English-speaking Duolingo community. It seems like your post would be more helpful in the Spanish for English speakers forum. Your deck looks great, though, by the way. Something the Spanish tree never taught.


Thanks. I know but I don't know how to get to it. A link to the Spanish for English forum, please?


Click "edit" on your post, the "Topic : Doulingo" text located around the top-left corner should then change to a button. Click on it and choose Spanish. Hope this helps.


That's the problem. I only can have access to "Spanish for English" if I start a course on my mother tongue... Duolingo should make these kind of boards more easily available...


Anyway, I have just found out by chance! I went to Duolingo Discussions ( https://www.duolingo.com/topic/1 ), changed the 1 to 2 and TA-DA! https://www.duolingo.com/topic/2 It is the Spanish in English discussion :D


Thanks. I had wondered about this in the past. Muchos gracias. (Here's a lingot for your troubles : ) )


¡Mil gracias! :)


Is "greenish blue" "turquoise"?


It can be. Or in Japanese 青い. :D

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