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Recommend other online language-learning sites

What other online language-learning sites would you recommend? Are there other sites that enhance Duolingo learning? (Specifically, I am an English speaker focused on learning German.) Thanks!

July 21, 2017



I would recommend http://readlang.com/ and http://www.beelinguapp.com/ for boosting your reading skills. Readlang has a great reading program that allows you to upload your own material, or you can browse through the available material. There is also a great flash card feature that helps you practice words and phrases you come across that you don't know. Beelinguapp is available for Android and IOS devices and provides a nice selection of beginner audio books for several different languages including German I really like the way the app is set up with an easy to follow transcript of the story with both languages Side by side for easy reference.

And for practicing your writing and speaking skills I would totally recommend this German Discord Chatroom https://discord.gg/9qXrE5h Where you can chat with native speakers or fellow learners via either instant text or voice whichever you prefer. Plus it is a great place to ask for language learning advice and interact with other students from around the world.


Thanks estudiante!


Everyone is going to suggest Memrise....

Also go on YouTube and type EasyLanguages German. And if you haven't heard of it there is a site called TinyCards that is owned by the Duolingo company.


Thank you Dragon


I wish Swedish had EasyLanguages as well :(


yes but just a few videos which I already watched , not like in german


I wouldn't say it was a FULL list (unless I am missing something) but there were a few site I had not come accross, thanks.


I recommend Memrise official German courses, DW, youtubers, German with Ania, German with Jenny, easy German and a bunch of others, youtube will recommend them to you. Also a grammar book, and audio courses such as Michael Thomas and Pimsler are very useful.


LingQ is the best. You can speak, listen, read , write and watch. Reading is a very good method to learn. You can find o large collection of stories, courses , and more, on different levels. Also you can follow yourself colection of new words for review later. You can choose a story or load one and then start to listen. Then you can read it step by step. When you find a new word, you mark it and go away. I love this site. It is not completly free, but it is worth. Try https://bit.ly/2rsA7R6. I can give you my own method to learn on this site.

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