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Learning German Better

Hi, I have been learning German for a while now, I have been going slowly, mainly because I am still in High School, am also taking college courses, and I am working. I was just wondering how can I learn German better and quicker when my days are completely full? I need help.

July 22, 2017



I use flashcards and they help like crazy so when I have a spare 5 minutes I get them out and do 5 minutes of flash cards. of course, it will take some time to make the flashcards as you learn new words but after they are made it helps so much.


Einfach deutsche Musik hören (am besten mit Lyrics). Je mehr du das machst, desto besser wird dein Hörverstehen.


I listen to podcasts in German or audiobooks. Whenever there's a word or a phrase that I don't recognize, I write it down and check it out later. I also use an app called Quizlet in case I need to study some words real quick.


I am Also On level 8 To! Twins!

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