Hello, I've been waiting for the korean course and just saw it was 95% done. Does anybody know approximately when it will be released? Thanks!

July 22, 2017


According to the incubator, the 17th of August. Unforeseen delays do occur, however, so before the beginning of September would be my less exacting hope.


The Korean team estimate the course will be done in the middle of August (Aug 17, 2017). You can check their progress here:

Keep in mind the date can be changed at any time.

Hope this helps and have a good day!

Expect two or three months after the due date for it to be ready. I've never seen a language ready on the due date.

The Japanese course was ready for iOS on due date.

Wonderful, but the norm is late, months late.

Italian for Portuguese took about two months after the contributors locked the tree and handed it over to the folks in Pittsburgh (German for Italian, too). I think the August date reflects when the contributors hope to have their work done, which obviously can be pretty different from when the course actually goes into beta.

Now it's 7 September ..

... and no korean in duolinguo. :( At leasy I do not wee it, while some others do.

Sometimes updating the app helps. It's not out on the web.

Thanks. I now see it and subscribed.

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