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"I do not take a shower in the morning."


July 22, 2017



I would love if they'd get over with teaching us 朝 so I can stop looking for each individual hiragana.


Please use the Kanji instead of separating it.


Abite is just a conjugation of abiru to take a shower. It is a ru verb (ends in ru). STEM: ABI + RU. As you notice when conjugating you drop the ru and add different endings. When you want to say the -ing form in japanese its STEM+ TE + IMASU. Eg: Abite imasu =bathing Shite imasu= doing (something) Kaete imasu = returning (home) Kakite imasu = writing hope this helps


Abite meaning? What does it mean after adding te? I'm getting a real hard time with tenses and verb conjugation here :(


"abite" is one of the conjugations of the verb "abimasu" (to bathe). This is called the "te" form, and has several uses in japanese. For example, you can use it for requesting an action "please take a shower" --> "shawaa wo abite kudasai"


You use it to combine verbs: 浴びています - I am (います) bathing (浴びて).
浴びてください: Please (ください) bathe (浴びて).


is the て form also usable for "habitual" verbs? Like, "I am in the habit of taking a shower in the mornings" ? Or is that not the right use of the て form?


I thought 朝にシャワーを浴びません。 would be also possible. My Japanese wife claims it even sounds more natural.


Does shawa sound weird to anyone else? Sounds like shes adding sounds.


Not really. Shawaa is how she's pronouncing it, which is correct.


It sounds like shawara

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