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motivational opinions please

hey there, just would like to hear how do you guys keep motivating yourselves to keep learning a new language and improving it until you are able to speak the language. i've read many success stories through here and i want to be the same but usually i don't have time. i might say it's been several months i didn't practice it. maybe your opinions will fuel up my motivation to learning the language. thanks! ^_^

July 22, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I have lived in three towns, and as one was a cultural metropolitan area and the other was a very poor city that used to be one, I have spent a lot of time around people saying something quick in not-English then giggle in my direction. When I get discouraged I remind myself, "Hey, you need a witty come back next time that Mexican kid makes what you assume is a joke about your hair." I worry more about what that one really old Iraqi woman in the restaurant said about me because it sounded angry but Arabic isn't here yet.. Not sure if you can use that, but I hope you can.

    [deactivated user]

      I guess the best motivation would come from asking yourself what motivated you to learn Spanish, French, and German in the first place. I am most enthusiastic about French because my family came from France but the last member of my family who spoke it died a long time ago so I want to keep the language in my family for future generations. When I get mad I think about a child of mine not knowing French and I flip out and start studying harder.


      i see. i get started to learn french in the university as it is a requirement for the students to learn 3rd language - so i chose french (basic lessons) and it was fun to learn! which makes me think to keep learning it until i'm able to speak it, at least speak and understand french. hope i can make it!


      One of the good aspects of Duolingo is that the sections to learn are so small. I can do a lesson on my metro travel to and from work, 10 minutes are sufficient.

      And then I can tell myself that I've already done my session of the day, and normally this makes me want to do more.

      Another good thing, compared to traditional learning: Duo keeps track of where you are. There is no searching in books; you can just jump in and continue your journey. I really like that, and this in itself keeps me motivated.


      If you like something, you'll always find time for it. We all have the same 24 hours. Evaluate what is more important for you, what you want to achieve and then prioritize your time. Maybe it sounds as old -fashion advise, but it works for me when I think what to do: watch the same movie, browse FB etc or go to Duolingo and learn something new. It takes some time to become a habit, but then it is in your daily routine. Good luck.


      Try talking with someone online or in person. Also use a few different ways of learning eg. duolingo, memrise, reading a children's book, making flash cards etc. Then you can pick which one you feel like doing. Buena suerte!


      Keep your goal at the minimum (say 10 or 20 xp), if you reach your goal for several consecutive days, soon you are going to want more, naturally and without pressure.
      Don't do Duolingo exclusively, watch videos in your target language (watching the news on youtube is great), search for blogs in other languages, or try others apps from time to time.

      Improve your discipline, study your languages at the same time everyday. Build a habit.


      My biggest motivation came from a planned trip to South America - where few people speak English - so in order to enjoy my trip, it was essential to be able to learn Spanish. It worked! Mostly I used Duolingo but also other means - Finding someone to speak Spanish to which gives real life experience in hearing and responding to Spanish, but also YouTube in Spanish, reading anything within my ability range etc. If you have an aim to achieve it is probably the most motivating factor!


      thanks for sharing! hope it works on me when i've found a right motivation vibe why i am learning this language (mine is french for now).


      haha maybe i can start with "how to say eat doughnut in french" :D


      I see this thread all the time, and I always reply with the same answer: remember why you want to learn! Don't forget your purposes!


      I find reasons that I actually want to learn it like music, literature, moving to the country, etc. Remember motivation only starts the journey, you need discipline to continue it.

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