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More languages?

I am curious as to any new languages that may start appearing in the incubator. Arabic? Mandarin? Afrikaans?

July 22, 2017



We live in hope...

July 22, 2017

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I assume you refer to the English-Other_Language incubator/trees. Based on the non-English trees, I would guess: Tamil, Bengali, Thai, Chinese, Arabic ...; you pick the order. Then again, the Duo folks seem to have other cards up their sleeves when they decide on what's next!


Yeah, I would agree!


I am a native Afrikaans speaker that has applied to contribute to the Afrikaans from English course. Here's to hoping that it happens someday.


Since the courses are built by the users, the sky is the limit! I would start a betting pool, since it would be super exciting, but Duolingo would not much appreciate that. My bets are Arabic, Urdu, and Persian! The major European languages(and a lot of minor ones) are already almost all up there.


Yeah! That would be exciting!


just a question. What is a incubator?


The incubator is where all language courses progress. https://incubator.duolingo.com/


The incubator shows all courses, released or not released and shows where they are at. There are 3 stages: non released, beta, and stable. Beta is released but likely buggy

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