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  5. "Fata are trei metri."

"Fata are trei metri."

Translation:The girl has three meters.

July 22, 2017



What the heck is this supposed to mean "The girl has three meters"?


Yes, is this simply that she has three meters of something (cloth, rope, wire, etc) or is this an idiomatic way of saying something specific (e.g. that she is ten feet tall)?


Very unnatural sentence. It should mean that she has three metres of something, because being three metres tall is quite impossible, even though this is the first idea that comes into the mind of a native speaker like me when we hear this sentence.


In uk its metres.in usa its meters


Maybe she has three tools for measuring quantities such as amps, kilowatt-hours, tyre pressure, etc....


She is a giant.


In Romanian it means she is 3 metres tall. It's an incorrect translation in my view, as it means nothing in English - you can't have three metres.


The sentence is trying to say that the girl has three meters of something ( rope, a tool, table, ect.)


I put 'The girl is three metres' thinking it must be height. It obviously is not the girl has three meters (as in clocks to tell how much electricity, to show speed etc) as this is a unit on numbers and we haven't yet had what that sort of meter is called in Romanian. Besides I know US English speakers use meters for our English English metre. Is this referring to three metres of material/cloth? * Is there a US English sentence meaning something else that I'm missing as I'm English and not from the US.


    In Romanian this sentence as it is means "The girl is three meters tall". I can't see what the sentence's author intended, but it can also mean "The girl has three meters (of something)", and this form can be used in a construction like: "I have 0,1 meters of hair. The girl has three meters."


    Is Romanian your mother tongue?


      Romanian is my native language, yes.


      Is the girl three metres tall?


        I saw recently a great movie with three meters tall girls. If you are reading science fiction stories you can meet such girls.


        The Romanian sitting right beside me has confirmed this is nonsense as this is how they say someone is 3 metres tall. I feel like this course wasn't ready to put on here...


        Translate metres is english.meters is usa


        True. Outside of usa, the correct spelling is "metres" in English. We use "metres" in Canada.

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