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Limitless Practice Mode - suggestion

Hi, first of all thanks all the people that contributed to such a great success of Duolingo. It's amazing and improves rapidly in every aspect.

I came up with the following idea when using Practice Mode in Duolingo: why not create an additional function across all the courses: Continuous Practice Mode (both timed and without a timer). It would solely end when the user chose to end it. In this case, if someone wants to Strengthen Skills for longer period of time, it would serve well not to go through all the Practice Clicks over and over again.

I give you an example: I start timed practice in Spanish and I want to do it for approximately 30 minutes; unfortunately each time I finish the little practice section I have to click to practice again every 2-3 minutes, instead of continuing practice flawlessly for the time being.

I hope this idea would find some support among other users as well, since I found it to be a little burdensome to continually click the practice buttons over and over again.

Thanks for the great work Duolingo!!!


July 22, 2017



It's a great idea, that will boost our studying time a lot and, besides, it will make us faster in typing because will not have that boring routine of clicking here and there to restart the lesson.

I totally agree, where can I sign it?


I suppose if more people will see this and vote for this feature, it will definitely help to bring the topic up with the Duolingo Team. They will be able to see that many users are actually supporting it.

Anyway, we will keep this topic open. Thanks for all the interest:)


I was going to make a post like yours but I was too lazy to. Thanks for posting, and I'll repost your idea if it doesn't gain traction.


Excellent idea!


This has been suggested a few times (that I've seen). I think it's a great idea. It could also help avoid some of the repetition in practice mode.

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