"Is she the lady of the house?"

Translation:Ea este doamna casei?

July 22, 2017

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"Lady of the house" can be translated also as "stăpâna".


Very close: "stăpâna"


Can someone please explain why the word "doamna" does not have an accent on the last "a" whereas if it were the last word in the sentence, it would be written with an accent on the final "a". I would be most grateful to have it explained to me. Many thanks.


Hey. Romanian here. It has nothing to do with being the last word or not, it's about the noun being articulated or not and about the case the noun is in.


  • Doamnă = lady
  • Doamna (articulated) = The lady


  • Doamne = ladies
  • Doamnele (articulated) = The ladies

Other examples:

  • Ea este o doamnă = She is a lady (general statement)
  • Ea este doamna care lucrează aici = She is the lady that works here (a specific lady => a marks the English the)
  • Este o pisică = It is a cat (general statement)
  • Este pisica mea = It is my cat (a specific cat, a marks the English my)


Thank you for the kind explanation. I appreciate your time.

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