"Sora mea mă urmărește."

Translation:My sister follows me.

July 22, 2017

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I don't know where else to comment the grammar explanation for Accusative, so I'll do it right here, in the first example in this skill. Would somebody please change the following example in the "Tipps":

"Vouă nu vă place nimic." - The first pronoun isn't accusative, it's dative. So is the second, obviously. This can be very consufing for beginners, if even the introduction is misleading.

"El ne-a sfătuit ieri." - I'm going to take a wild guess and say that neither this one is accusative. I will stand corrected, if necessary.


I have several questions on the grammar explanation for Accusative.

When do you use the accented vs the unaccented? Can you always use both/either? Also how do you know if the "pe" is needed or not?


Let me know if I'm wrong, but "My sister follows me" should be "Sora mea mă urmează", because ""Sora mea mă urmărește" would be translated as "My sister watches me". Is that right? I mean, the verb "a urma" = "to follow" and "a urmări" = "to watch".


well, i think i understood the system , but still .... so here i could write :sora mea ma urmareste PE MINE " and it is also correct ? so, basically, PE MINE , PE TINE etc. can always be omitted ? thanks for an answer.


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