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what is the best sounding language?

July 22, 2017


[deactivated user]

    For me it is definitely Italian though I have a soft spot for Slavic languages such as Czech, Polish, Croatian and Russian.


    Everyone's opinion might be different than other's since people have their own tastes in the way languages sound. For me, Swedish is such a beautiful sounding languages; the way the words are pronounced feels great in my mouth, and the accent is simply amazing!


    I really like the sound of Hungarian. It's also fun to pronounce to me.


    I think it's something different for everyone, but to me Mandarin Chinese (I love the tones!), American Sign Language (it doesn't have a sound but it looks beautiful), and Ukrainian (it kind of sounds like Russian and Italian mixed!) are some beautiful sounding languages.


    Italian, for unknown reasons, and Hebrew because sounds very uplifting for my soul.


    I've heard when people speak Portuguese, it sounds like they're singing.


    Polish and Italian sound wonderful.


    I'd like to mention Cantonese. It has 9 tones while Mandarin only has 4. For Mandarin speakers, Cantonese is sounded like singing a beautiful song for its varieties tones. Cantonese_tones


    Portuguese, Swedish, or French are probably the prettiest languages!

    [deactivated user]

      English with a Southern US accent, French in a Louisiana accent, and Irish but God help you if you try to figure out how it sounds by reading it.


      English with a Southern US accent

      As a Southern US resident...why? (Just curious)

      [deactivated user]

        It is attached to a lot of happy memories for me.


        I like any language from a Nordic Country ( Norwegian and Faroese in particular ). Intonation and phonology from these languages are very pleasing to listen to in my opinion.


        À mon avis c'est le français...I think Parisian French sounds the most beautiful...but then again most languages sound intriguing as you begin to study them and become more aware the subtleties of pronunciation.


        Hmm, in my opinion Swedish and Turkish sounds the most comfortable to the ear. I also like the sounds of Finnish, although it isn't on duo (yet).


        estonian can sound really beautiful


        Definitely French! I don't understand much, but it's music to my ears.

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