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Vocabulary words

Ițd like to be able to review the vocabulary words that have been introduced by DL. I could peck through each lesson and write them down, but it would be much more expedient if I could get the words for a language in a list. Surely DL has that database, and it would be an excellent study tool. Could that info be made available?

July 22, 2017



I would loves this aswell :)


I'm about to start Romania and I just downloaded an app to write the words I learn on


What's your app SamoolTheSamosa?

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I made an Anki deck called "Duolingo Romanian". If you search for it on the Anki shared decks page you'll find it. I added all of the words as they appeared, so it is in sequential order. You can choose to deactivate any words you haven't reached yet.


Thanks odt5. I'll check it out.

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