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I'm french, I search for an English correspondent !

Hello ! I don't know if it's the right section for this request, I'm sorry if it's not ~ I search an English correspondent for improve my English ! I really want to do a Skype with a native english for improve my English accent ~ And of course, I can help you for improve your French ! Sooo, it's my skype : dariatchii@yahoo.fr (Yes, my skype ID is a email address)

July 22, 2017



I am a native speaker, and I can help you with your English. I do not do skype, but I can talk over email, if you would like to do that.


I never answer my email, soooo.. Idk x')


No pronunciation in the mail.


i could help through dueling


Hey, I will Skype you! I typed your name, but I saw 3 results, and I don't know which is you. My skype: midnightwards32666


My French contact and I speak using facebook!


Many are looking for native English to talk to them. I am a Romanian and I studied French and Russian in school. Native French people are more likely than me. I wish you success!


Facebook not suitable?


I don't have facebook


Try Google + It's good for writing English and it's free.


Your English is already understandable, just little mistake here and there."to improve" My English is also improved by adding Google translate to Google Chrome. All the best! Au revoir

[deactivated user]

    My Skype is marquisandrealphus. English is my first language and French is a second language for me that I heard a lot of bits and pieces of as a child because my family were French immigrants, so if you need to switch to French I will probably understand you.


    Hi! I just sent you a skype request - I would love to practice my French while you practice your English! Let me know on here if you received it.


    What's your Skype name ? Because I have a lot of Skype request xD


    My skype request is the one that says it's from Zilla721 and asks if you're the person from duolingo :D


    I'd love to Skype with you sometime! Whenever I enter your email, three different profiles come up. Which one is yours?


    Delete your skype address, It's dangerous to share...


    Oui, J'aimerai parler avec toi. Tu est en France maintenant?

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