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What is your goal in duolingo?

I just would like to know

July 22, 2017



I have been studying French for over a year. My goal is to gain enough confidence to carry on simple conversations and to understand what is said to me at the market or liquor store or grocery store when we visit our family in Montreal. Recently, we visited them and I had a few conversations with my 5 year old granddaughter and we understood each other. Hooray!!!


my goal is to become good enough in a language like german and french to truely understand something like a book or a newspaper and achieve fluency from there


My goal is to try out all languages that are available here, and to strengthen my skills in the languages I already know best. These days, I mostly use Duolingo to practise Polish, by working through the Polish from English, as well as the English from Polish course using several approaches.


You are a Language Professor! Good for you!


If I learn Spanish my dad will take me to Spain.


Buena suerte. Te va gustar aprender español (I'm a native speaker)


It used to be to learn everything I could for French. Now it's to take what I've learned and help other people.


Um hi. Could you please give me the names of websites u used to learn French properly? Thanks!


I've only used DuoLingo. Sorry.


I want to learn Russian just for the sake of saying I know Russian


Initial goal is to learn enough to achieve CEFR B1 so I can get French citizenship - Brexit insurance!


Fluency (C2) in Spanish. Conversational fluency (B2) in Russian, Italian and French.


I want to be as fluent as possible in French


my goal is to be able to finish the Spanish course. I only have two more sections to do.


To learn a language.


Mostly just to be able to read/listen and write a bit. I'm not very interested in the ability to speak!


To complete the Finnish tree, and as many of the others I possibly can while I'm waiting for it :-)


whoah i just saw how many languages you're taking! that is amazing! that's so many languages omg! xD


to finish french, spanish, portugese and welsh.


Just interested in learning a bit of french and improve my japanese skills. I mainly use duolingo to practice typing in foreign languages. Flashcards and podcasts are better for serious studying.


Je voudrais avoir 100%


I have multiple goals:

  • Brush up the German, French and Swahili I learned in school and feel comfortable conversing in those languages

  • Retain the Italian from the college course I just finished and use it when I travel

  • Learn Swedish so I can speak a bit when I visit a friend in Malmö

  • Learn Irish as a substitute for my beloved Scottish Gaelic, which I love to sing

If Duolingo offered Finnish and Arabic, I would take those as well. Finnish so I can speak a close friend's native tongue, and Arabic because it's fascinating, complicated and beautiful, and because I'd like to read medieval texts, especially Ibn Fadlan's travels.


I would like to finish the tree this year and start the reverse one. Apart from Duo, I would like to take the A1 DELF exam in the starting of the next year or if possible this year itself and read a small e-book and watch a movie in French.


One of my goals is to get a good foundation of the basics in German, French, Japanese and Korean. And if it's possible to get to know nice people over here.


to speak french im really trying to learn it!!


J'ecris une lettre

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