"Jestem posłem."

Translation:I am a member of parliament.

July 22, 2017



"I am a parliament member" is not accepted. Should it be?

May 10, 2018


I was told that it does not work in English. Which surprises me, because it seems like a perfectly logical construction...

May 10, 2018


I'm an ambassador?

July 22, 2017


Nope, it's a totally different function and it's called the same as in English, just with one 's': ambasador. Jestem ambasadorem.

On a separate note, notice that if you take only one letter from this sentence, you arrive at "Jestem osłem" (I am a donkey / I am a stupid person).

Though the Nominatives are "poseł" and "osioł", so not that similar.

July 22, 2017


That's very funny! The Democratic Party has a donkey as its symbol.

July 31, 2017


in nominative you can replace one letter with two and get "pieseł", which is even better

October 14, 2017

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