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An invite link to a new Memrise & Duolingo Community discord server

All are welcomed to a new and growing Mermrise & Duolingo Community discord server.

We are the only active Memrise discord server as far as we know.
You can chat and exchange information there with other members of the community.
There are also voice rooms and many other options to socialize and improve with your languages. This place is a Tower of Babel for all languages.

Come and check it out: https://discord.gg/NhzkYHA

P.S.: Discord is a chat application that is similar to skype but x1000 times better.
Very expandable and with tons of interesting and exciting features.
Please help us spread the link to other places to help us grow.
Suggestions and comments are always welcomed!

July 22, 2017



Can't we talk here?


Not really. This place is not suitable for small talk and it's actually disallowed.


There are other discussions that are like spanish conversations though....Are they breaking the rules?

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