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  5. "Die Straße ist kurz."

"Die Straße ist kurz."

Translation:The street is short.

July 22, 2017



How can I tell the difference between the way "kurz" and "groß" sounds?


On Duolingo, there are issues in some of the pronunciations. In my experience google translate often tends to give an acceptable approximation. Another particularly useful source is duden.de.

As for the difference, they are two completely different words that sound nothing similar. 'Kurz' has a noticeable z ending while 'gross' is simply pronounced as in Englisch.

Edit: you can also use https://de.pons.com/ to help with the sounds


On forvo.com you can hear native speakers.


I said "the street id short" but it was marked wrong. Isn't that categorized as a typo??


Maybe because you can use "ID" in a different but real meaning as in "identification". Duolingo has a real strange system of classifying typos. If there is the remote chance to find a real word, no matter how far fetched it is, your word is marked as wrong


That's helpful, thanks


I said small instead of short but was marked incorrect, I'm guessing there's a difference?


kurz tells something about the length of the street. Small is more about the width. A small street is eine kleine Straße.

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