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"Їм треба бути у Києві завтра."

Translation:They need to be in Kyiv tomorrow.

July 22, 2017



Please add Kiev to database


Sorry, the decision of the administrators of this course was political. They decided to accept only Kyiv.

My own opinion is different, I would accept "Kiev" because it's a historical name that many foreign languages use. In Ukrainian there are plenty of Ukrainian names for Polish cities, we use them instead of the proper Polish ones with accurate pronunciation. And nobody is making a fuss about that... Also, it's easier for foreigners to pronounce.

However, I totally understand the other side. Some people are very sensitive to these kind of things. They think the spelling of one word will influence how the country is perceived.


And the latter ones are right. The city is called Kyiv, it doesn't matter who feels it hard to pronounce. Moreover, it is hard to remain apolitical when your country is in war, engaged by the evil neighbour, thus I don't want world to use the name, provided by that neighbour. The city of Kyiv is founded by Kyi, and the name Kiev arose just because russians can't say Ky, as they don't use such syllable.


"Kyiv" is the name in Ukrainian. I realize that it's politically sensitive and I think partly the misunderstanding stems from Ukrainians being taught to transliterate proper nouns into English, but in general native English speakers don't know or use Ukrainian transliteration rules.

Be proud that Київ is famous enough to have it's own pronunciation and spelling in English.

Not only don't we spell Київ "correctly", we don't pronounce it "correctly" either, but we do write it the say we say it. Brits say /ˈkiːɛv/ and Americans say /ˈkiˌɛf/ or /ˈkiˌɛv/. We write this as Kiev.

You may consider it an error, but we do this with place names from many countries and languages. For us it's not about the origin, it's about the sound in English. "Kyiv" is the Ukrainian name transliterated into English.

It's extremely frustrating for native English speakers to learn these transliterations and really doesn't help us to learn Ukrainian.

Євромайдан is Euromaidan not Euromaydan.

Leceister is Лестер. English pronunciation /ˈlɛstər/.

Consider Одеса. "Odesa" with one "s" would have the sound /z/. "Odessa" with "ss" has the sound /s/. The sound in Ukrainian is /s/.

Also, we write Moscow, not Moskva. We don't transliterate with Russian rules either.


Ok, but why do I need to write Денвер instead of Denver and Атланту instead of Atlanta? I get that the spelling of Kyiv is what the Ukrainians think it should be called, but to then spell and pronounce the names of cities other than how the residents of the those cities and countries would like is a bit double standards.


The city's name is Kyiv. The official name according to UN, for example (https://unstats.un.org/unsd/geoinfo/geonames). So what's the hype about?


Could one also say "їм треба у києві завтра" without using бути?


No, треба has to be followed by a verb or a noun, similar to English.


Бути is infinitive form, it is never omitted.


No. "Is" word can be unused only if "is" is infinitive For example "This is book": "Це є книжка" "Це книжка" But if you want to say "This was book" the only correct way is: "Це була книжка" You may NOT use "це книжка" because it will be confused with previous sentence (This is book)


Sad to see politicised wrongs here

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