"Їм треба бути у Києві завтра."

Translation:They need to be in Kyiv tomorrow.

July 22, 2017

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Please add Kiev to database


No, please. It is a rude error.


You may downvote my answer as much as you wish, but my city is called Kyiv. Kiev is the name given by Moscow occupants.

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    No disrespect is intended, but the problem for native English speakers is that Ukrainian transcription doesn't match English pronunciation. Transliterated from Russian it would be "Kiyev"


    English pronounciation is strongly influenced by the word spelling. Just admit the fact, that Kyiv is the right way to spell it, and read it as you see it; perhaps, you would prefer saying kee-iv - it would be alright.

    The English world has accepted Beijing, Chennai, Mumbai, Tallinn - so what is the problem to take Kyiv as the fact? Moreover, people out there don't really care about the ethymology or whatever.


    Could one also say "їм треба у києві завтра" without using бути?


    Бути is infinitive form, it is never omitted.


    No. "Is" word can be unused only if "is" is infinitive For example "This is book": "Це є книжка" "Це книжка" But if you want to say "This was book" the only correct way is: "Це була книжка" You may NOT use "це книжка" because it will be confused with previous sentence (This is book)


    No, треба has to be followed by a verb or a noun, similar to English.


    Please, fix it. In this sentence must be used "бути в Києві" because word "бутИ" ends with vowal, "Київ" doesn't start from "В/Ф/СВ/ЦВ/ДВ..." etc. so here must be "В" instead of "У"


    Interchanging "у/в" is not a rule, but a stylistic advice, aimed at making the sentence melodic.

    Using у "instead" of "в" does not make the sentence wrong. For example, if you write an essay in Ukrainian, the teacher will not take points from you for the usage of "і/й/та" and "у/в" unless the topic of the lesson was "чегрування у/в" and other melodic aspects.

    This is important for areas like literature, news, speeches etc., but for daily life or non-language-focused topics, it's not a requirement.

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