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My 300-day streak just went away... (vent)

Around half an hour ago (still in time to keep my streak going), when I opened my Duolingo app to do my daily lessons, I was shocked to see my beloved streak had gone down to 0. I happily celebrated my 300-day streak earlier this week and could not believe I could have missed 2 days in a row, which I thought I must have done since I always keep a streak freeze just in case. For a good 10 minutes, I just sat in shock as I tried to comprehend what had happened. The cost for repairing my streak is 149SEK (~14 Euro) which, if I'm not mistaken (which I could be), is more expensive than the ''remove all adds and support Duolingo'' purchase, which is a little too much for me. Wanting to keep the repair pop-up there just in case, I logged into my account on my computer for the first time to try and see what had happened, and that's when I saw that I somehow missed Wednesday, which seems strange to me in itself, AND then missed yesterday, according to the graphs. I am now sitting here crying wondering why they just couldn't take 10 lingots out of my 654, heck why don't just take all of them and most importantly... Why weren't I told I had missed a day and lost my streak-freeze to begin with? :(

I'm feeling quite desperate and I do feel a bit silly about shedding tears for something like this but my heart is shattered. Is there anything else I could do here? And for how long will that pop-up remain there?

July 22, 2017



Don't worry, you can always build a streak again, maybe one higher than before! Just because you missed some days it doesn't mean it's over. How much of a second language did you learn? And can you keep going? You shouldn't stop just because you missed a few days. Learning is a long process that takes a few slip-ups. As for the popup, I'm not sure how long it'll be there, but if you really want to spend the money then that's up to you. It's your money. But building a streak from zero and using this time as a fuel is free, not to mention give you another reason to learn a new language every day.


I'm sorry you lost it. I lost my streak a couple of days ago and the pop-up went away after two days I think... I'm really sorry you lost your streak, but please don't feel unmotivated to play because of it. It might take a long while and make you feel bad right now, but you'll get those streaks back if you continue to play. I don't know if there is anything else you can do to get your streak back except for paying and I agree that 149SEK is a bit more to pay than it's worth to get your streak back.

TL:DR I'm sorry you lost your streak but you'll eventually get it back if you continue to play everyday.

sorry for bad english not a native


Agreed .. I would NEVER know you were not a native speaker!


Your English isn't bad; it's perfect!


Thank you, losing that streak does make me feel a bit unmotivated so hearing your encouragement helps. Also, your English seems great.


You are really good for a non native speaker!!


I'm so sorry about your streak. When you buy a streak freeze does it stay with you until you miss a day or does it always take effect on the day/next day you buy it regardless


When you buy a streak freeze I believe it stays there until you miss a day, but on other occasions when I have lost my streak freeze it has told me so the day after and asked me if I wanted to buy another.


I have upset myself because I have lost, like, fifty lingots from all my lost streak wagers. Don't get discouraged! Keep on going and continue learning! A 300 day streak is amazing, and trust me, you will build an even better, more amazing streak. My twelve day streak is my longest ever, and I've been on Duolingo since October 2016 and have had more streaks of not going on Duo than on going. I advise having a cookie.


Thanks, a cookie does sound great. :)


I once tried to use lingots to repair a lost streak, but that didn't work. I apparently (or so I thought) bought a protective freeze for the next time I might forget. So I forgot yesterday, but I lost my streak! Why can't one use lingots to "cover" for a forgotten day?


Thinking this through, if one then has, say 365 lingots one could each day one doesn't remember buy back your streak for a whole year....but it wouldn't be a 'streak' then, would it? I think it's good we can insure for even one day. At least that covers things like changing time zones and problems with the internet and our computers.

I would value the concept of a holiday, though, which could allow one to go to France to practice French and not loose the streak. For me the streak is a bit of fun, but, hey, why not have fun?

I'm expecting to lose my streak this week as I am going to Switzerland for 10 days (German speaking area, not French so watch this space, maybe I will add German to my efforts in French) and I have been told the lodge where I will stay in the Alps for my walking holiday has patchy internet only. I'll not be taking my tablet out into the Alps anyway, and I will spend little time in the lodge.

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