"All men must die."

Translation:Valar morghūlis.

July 22, 2017

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Does valar mean "all men must", or does it mean "all men", and morghūlis mean "must die"?


valar means all men
morghūlis means must die

Note that the aorist tense is not always translated with must.

From MadLatinist who is one of the course contributors:

This [the aorist tense] is also the verb form in the infamous Valar Morghūlis/Dohaeris, conventionally glossed "All men must die/serve." Because the aorist implies something is always true, it can sometimes be translated with "must," especially when used with a collective noun.

Source (2014): http://forum.dothraki.org/index.php?topic=354.msg2346#msg2346

valar is in the collective grammatical number (in the nominative case), see: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Number


Dohaeris means "Must Serve(s)" ?


Does valar mean "all men" and morghūlis mean "must die" At least it's what I understood


Haha I think everyone can translate this:D

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