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Resetting a language after taking a long break

Hello. This is my little story about coming to the decision to reset a language and, by default, my progress.

While I originally joined Duolingo to help practice my Spanish, especially during summers when I have a tendency to use it less, I ended up deciding to try to learn Irish as well. I love Irish culture and thought it would be a fun thing to try-- maybe I'd learn more strange words like oireachtas. Little did I know just how hard it would be, especially as it is not a Latin-based language, unlike Spanish, English, French, etc. While it was fun and interesting for some time, I ended up taking a break (a few years, to be exact... that really doesn't help) before coming back to learning languages again. Strengthening the various skills in Spanish has been fairly easy-- it's a language I have been learning most of my life, and its similarities to English are quite advantageous. Irish, however, left me constantly hovering over the handy little translations and not really even remembering anything from when I began (Except water. For some reason that word stuck. ) While I did not like the idea of starting over, I knew I wasn't learning anything and that continuing to use the translations without understanding the grammar was not going to help. Even though learning Irish was something I had originally wanted to do for fun, and even now I have no "real" reason to learn it, something stopped me from deleting it from my profile. After all, I am learning it for FUN. It's okay if I have to start over, go slower, and work harder to learn this unique language than I've had to for Spanish. The whole point of Duolingo is to learn a new language, something crazy and different and possibly completely useless in your every day life. It doesn't matter if you end up using it every day or only while on here. Learning a new language is supposed to be a fun way to work your brain and perhaps learn more about different cultures.

So, I decided to reset my progress. This time I'll go slower and really study the notes. It shouldn't be a race to finish the tree if I'm not even understanding what I'm doing.

Really, I just felt like sharing this. It's okay if you need to start over-- or at least do some serious review. I know people often get quite upset when they lose a streak, have that break from progress, but I just want to say: starting over isn't as bad as I thought. In some ways, it even feels liberating.

Sorry for such a long post, but thank you so much for reading! :) Happy learning.

-Shamrock ^_^

July 22, 2017



Welcome back to Duolingo, and good luck with starting off again with Irish, even though it might be a bit of a challenge for you to learn! Sometimes, progress is made very slowly, and it's amazing when someone makes a lot of progress after a year. It takes time and patience to make progress and possibly reach proficiency, but it is definitely possible! Redoing what you've done can be efficient and beneficial and some ways; you might have missed something previously! Good luck, and with any bit of luck, you'll stick with it!


thx for friending me


Thanks! That's certainly the truth. :)


I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps someday (not literally, just by completing a course as well)


Haha, thanks. I haven't done it yet, but I certainly find the extra practice to be quite helpful.


I don't know about other users, but it's sure seemed to me over time that I need a lot more practice to retain things — all the more so in unfamiliar languages like Irish — than Duolingo's skill color system would imply. Review with wanton abandon :) If you get to a point and you feel lost, hop back up the tree as far as you need and review some more :) No particular need to reset (not that I think it matters one way or the other after a years-long break).


Haha, true! But yes, after a few years break plus a complete inexperience with the language, resetting seemed best. I might not have, but I wasn't that far along in the tree anyways, so it hasn't really set me back all that much.


Good luck with Spanish and Irish! Have fun learning them!

Also, are you taking a reverse course or is English not your native language?


Thanks! I am taking a reverse course; I find it helps a lot. Translating Spanish to English is quite easy but I find it can sometimes be a bit harder in reverse. I work more on the English-learning-Spanish side, though, so my levels on that are quite unbalanced.


That is so good of you!! I hope that you enjoy t and welcome back to Duolingo!! By the way what is your native language ??


Thank you. :) English is my native language. You?


Thank you Duolingo I really want to continue learning dutch

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