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Understanding use of "die" in a song lyric

The song states "Suche die eine große Liebe" which translates to "Looking for a great love" (via google translate) What is the purpose of "die" in the sentence?

July 23, 2017



In this example 'die' is a regular defined article, nothing special about it. In this example 'eine' is not an undefined article and instead its a numeral.

A proper translation would be 'Looking for the one true (lit. big) love'


Thank you! That clears things up.


I think that it means Look ING not just look-Please feel free to tell me am wrong


You're wrong. Probably.

"Suche" at the beginning of a sentence is probably an imperative (a command): "Look!"


Your statement is in general true, but in spoken language (and specially in songs), you sometimes shorten the sentence by dropping something like a pronoun so Ich suche... would become suche.... Now without the full lyrics you could be completly right and someone commands a second person to look for their love, but I think its more likely that someone is singing that he or she is looking for love.

This doesnt happen because its allowed, but because its faster and people are lazy.


Yes, context would be helpful here.


"Der Film beginnt mit 'Suche die eine große Liebe'" It's the first line of the song, and I believe it validates MortiBiRD's previous comment.

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