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"Ihre Gäste müssen Sie registrieren."

March 7, 2013



Wait. This can mean both

•Your guests must register you. AND •You have to register your guests

What do you do to make the distinction? What if a person is trying to register but is unclear on who is registering whom?


why not "her guests"?

[deactivated user]

    It could mean that, but it's an unlikely interpretation.


    That's accepted too. Thanks!


    Is it possible to translate it as "Your guests have to register you"? If not how will you say the following in german: Your guests have to register you.


    Yes. That would be my "first" translation. The proposed translation is not wrong, but it is difficult to express that meaning with the given German sentence. It depends on context and / or emphasizing on some words. If you wanted to express "You have to register your guests", a more common translation would be "Sie müssen Ihre Gäste registrieren".

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