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Made it to German level 25!!!

Just to start off I have to say that I am super thankful for Duolingo and how it has changed my dedication to learning a new language!

Today I reached level 25 in the German learning course, which when I first started many many days ago seemed impossible. I actually wondered...How do people possibly get to level 25?!? I don't have a crazy streak right now, but day after day my competitive nature brought me back to Duolingo as I tried to "compete" with the timer and "compete" with the XP counter to make it. And I guess it turns out it's actually possible to do it!

So, I am curious for others who have made it to the "max level", did you feel like the 25,000 XP to get to level 25 signified a significant improvement from when you started? I feel like I know miles more than I did when I started at level 1, but I did have one full semester of German class when I started. I am also curious for those who started at level 1 with NO experience and made it to level 25, how do you feel your language mastery changed?

Anyways, good luck to everyone in their Duolingo journey! :)

July 23, 2017



Congratulations, Derek!!! I had no prior German studies before DuoLingo. (I did with Spanish.) I feel like I have learned a tremendous amount, although I am far from any appreciable level of fluency. Studying German has allowed me to easily fly through the Scandinavian language trees.


Thank you! Thats really interesting, you found German helped with those languages?


Congratulations! I also hit Level 25 in German this week! I also had a semester of German, but many years ago. Just this morning in church, I was able to make small-talk with some German-speaking visitors. I could not have done that a year ago. So I am happy with my language journey with Duolingo!


Christy, congrats on your Level 25 in German. :)


Thank you! Congrats as well!




This is my dream!


Wow, congrats!


Erstens muss ich sagen:


Second, it is actually 30,000 XP required for level 25 - just a small correction.

Third, I certainly am miles and leagues beyond where I was when I first started, though I had already done German at GCSE (then dropped off for about half a decade). That is, obviously, in large part thanks to duolingo - not only for the exercises, but also for the external resources the duolingo users led me to which really have accelerated and expanded my learning.

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