Reached level 15 in Spanish!! Gracias Duo!

I am soo happy to reach this level! Next goal: 25! Thanks Duolingo! I truly love you!

July 23, 2017



July 23, 2017

Well done! Reaching that takes a lot of work and effort! Best of luck towards reaching Level 25; I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Hopefully, I'll be capable of pulling off the same achievement at some point in the future ahead! Have a few lingots for your sincere dedication; good luck!

No problem!:D

Congratulations, Peter! You have a nice streak started, too. With your dedication, you'll be at Level 25 soon!

Thank you so much!!! Your streak is my dream!

Felicidades. ¿Has terminado el árbol español? No he terminado el árbol español aunque mi nivel es 16 porque me estoy tomando mi tiempo. Pero casi he terminado con el árbol español.

Sorry in advance. I know my Spanish is probably awkwardly written. Buena suerte! =)


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