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German Netflix

In preparation for our upcoming German classes in the fall semester, a friend an I are doing lots of Duolingo and outside studying. As part of this, we want to watch a Netflix show - an episode or two a week or so - with the German audio (and preferably subtitles, but not mandatory), then discuss what happened in the episode with each other completely in German.

Does anybody have some recommendations for good shows on Netflix whose audio is available in German from the US? Currently on the table is Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why.

We're trying to stay away from shows with really complex themes (like Black Mirror) or that might have lots of sci-fi or fantasy gibberish/jargon.

July 23, 2017



I highly recommend Deutschland 83. There's only one season, but I've watched it twice! The second time I watched it was with a German friend. He was surprised he hadn't heard of the series considering that he enjoyed it so much.

Land of Mine (Under Sandet) is a great film, as well as We Are Young, We are Strong (Wir Sind Jung, Wir Sind Stark). However, both of these movies are really quite dark.

Unfortunately all of these films focus on Germany's past. I've struggled to find any good shows which don't have a main theme of war. The only other one I have is watched is Love Me! which is a Netflix Original, but I can't recommend this film too much.

I have also been recommend Lammbock by a German friend. This movie (judging by the cover and synopsis) appears to be very similar to Pineapple Express


Can second Deutschland 83, though it's not on UK Netflix


I also recommend Deutschland 83. I don't believe it's on Netflix, but it is on Hulu.


Generation War is a really interesting miniseries showing the perspectives of 5 German friends when WWII breaks out. All in German, but there are English subtitles.

I do have to give a warning that there is Adult Content in it (sexual themes, violence, alcohol) and it would probably be rated TV Mature.


Nice suggestion. I've added Generation War to my watch list.


Good idea! I haven't looked at U.S. shows with German audio. However, I did enjoy "The Same Sky" which is a German series about a Romeo spy in the 1970s. Season 1 is on Netflix.


Most of the Netflix Originals seem to have German audi. I watched Stranger Things in German and it was very good! I can recommend Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency as well, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, which both have German audio (though I watched them in English). Currently watching Rick und Morty auf Deutsch. But yeah there's lots on there! Go to the drop down menu at the top and click Audio and Subtitles, then select German audio and it will filter for programmes with German audio :)


SHERLOCK. It's surprisingly amazing in German :)


Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (that's a prequell from Bb but I like it more than the original show ) are reaaalllly good fsk 16 tho I guess


Here's a catalogue of movies/series on Netflix with good subtitles, sorted by language: http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/catalogue.html

Also, here's a free extension that adds bilingual subs, pop-up dictionary, and improved playback control: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lln-language-learning-wit/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm

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