"Ils cassent les verres."

Translation:They are breaking the glasses.

March 7, 2013

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    Why not 'Il casse les verres'?


    If you're only given the audio, both should be accepted. If you're given the English written, only ils is acceptable (il = he, ils = they). Hope that helps.

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      Aha thank you. Yes the singular was not accepted in this case.


      Right. I thought it was me not being able to hear what everybody else can hear.


      wow! I am so proud of you, day 226!!!! I want to be like you!


      Thx. I have the advantage of not having to go to work everyday.


      Agreed. I reported this as a bug.


      il casse les verres is pronounced the same as ils cassent les verres so why havent they changed it?


      Have you reported it? The sound does take longer to fix as it might need a new recording or better programming.


      yes, the singular form should be accepted ;)


      I'm glad you reported it because I totally agree. I also wrote the singular form.


      I agree! Singular form should be accepted!


      I agree completely, it should also be "il casse les verres".


      singular and plural sound the same


      I'm quite new to French, but, i had beleieved that it is not necessary to write "the" as a direct translation of "les" For example in an earlier question "the knives and the forks are the cutlery" but, the suggested answwer was 'knives and forks are cutlery', omitting all references to the. So, for this, I answered "They are breaking glasses," leaving out "the", but, Mr owl didn't accept my answer. So, any tips on when to include "the" when relating to a (the) plural would be welcome. Merci bien :)


      The French definite article is used for specific items which will need "the" in English or for generalizations for which English uses indefinite articles for singular and no article for plural. The present continuous verb form is not used for generalizations. "They are breaking the glasses." It is happening right now and is not a generalization. If this were something that they do in general, you would have to say "They break glasses."


      How come there is no option for “my answer should have been accepted”?


      Hey wicked, I just noticed you are on day 57, awesome, good for you. I've gotten to day 9 and then get busy, and have to start my "run" all over again.


      Thank you :-) 57 days is nothing... you just saw northernguy had 226 days, there our people out there with over even 400 days.... Having said that, I’m happy with my 57 days and I hope I can keep it up for long... It’s not all that hard, you just use it for a few minutes on your phone sitting on the toilet and your streak is kept hahaha


      I agree it's not that hard, but I am a full-time working mother of 2 kids, so sometimes it is a challenge, but I am up for the challenge, since I love french so much. I would really like to spend much more time studying! and I do, when I can! Like today, catching up!


      Sounds good! Let’s push each other :-)


      What's the difference between "casse" and "brise"?

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