"Buddhism, Hinduism, and Paganism are polytheistic religions."

Translation:Budismul, hinduismul și păgânismul sunt religii politeiste.

July 23, 2017

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Statement is incorrect, there are no 'gods' in budism. I know its not Duolingo's purpose but it still should not spread false truths


You wouldn't like the Danish course in this case. There are sentences such as 'The bear has the milk. The turtle drinks wine' etc.


Is paganism a religion?


I don't think so...


Paganism is not one religion, there are a number of religions defined as pagans (from the latin pagus, village, therefore the religion of the illiterate, who have not yet got the Revelation). I think the word "pagan" is used only by the Christians.

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Maybe some pagans can believe in one God of their own


This is all pretty worthless as well as inaccurate. Virtually no one ever needs to be able to discuss paganism in their foreign language. Why not spend the time teaching us something that is useful?

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Paganism is not a religion


Why is the article needed? Also the definition of a pagan is somebody that does not believe in the Christian religion (like the Romans). By extension Islam and all the other religions are pagans. Maybe they think that Christianity is pagan in their mind. Final point I agree with Lacusta, Budism does not have a god or creator!

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