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"Sie präsentiert dem Geschäftsführer das Produkt."

Translation:She is presenting the product to the manager.

July 23, 2017



I wrote 'she presents the manager the product' and was marked wrong. Can someone please tell me the difference between my incorrect answer and 'she is presenting the product to the manager'?


Your answer is perfectly correct English. Duolingo is wrong, because 'to' is implicit, and your answer (mine also, marked wrong), is the more natural way to speak it.


I think die Eule wants to see "to the manager" so that it is clear that we understand the manager is the direct object. Your answer is, in fact, grammatically correct and understandable, much as "To the manager, presents she, the product"--and would be more common/likely than that rather stilted phrasing--but for learning/teaching purposes, the explicit version seems to work best.


Why is "She presents..." different/not accepted compared to "She is presenting..."?


Good that works now. the "-ing" stuff is even worse in the French courses.


"She presents the product to the business manager" should be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Geschäftsführer means exactly the "managing director" and this translation is considered wrong?? As a correct translation, the word "manager" is proposed, which is obviously very generic. A company has many managers, but only one managing director (Geschäftsführer).


    Boss instead of ceo is wrong apparently...


    google translated Geschäftsführer as "managing director", wrong!


    Would either "foreman" or "supervisor" work as translations of Geschaeftsfuehrer?


    Der Geschäftsführer is the head of the company as a whole, so nein, not the same as Vorarbeiter, Polier, Aufseher, oder Vorgesetzter


    she is presenting to the manager the product is wrong?


    Not wrong, but clumsy. Doesn't sound natural.


    What is wrong with, "She is presenting, to the manager, the product" It is practically the same thing!


    As paulma1960 just said: that is clumsy and unnatural. In the context of this learning environment (designed for native English-speakers wishing to learn German), it would lead one to question whether you fully grasp the German.


    Slightly less clumsy in my opinion is She presents the manager the product".


    "Manager" is a poor translation. In English a manager can be quite a junior employee. Surely "director" or "managing director" (both rejected) is closer.

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