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Learned new words

After doing some levels of German I realized that there were lots of new words to remember. It's difficult to remember all of them and I would be an easier way to learn them by having some lists. I suggest you to made lists with different vocabulary in the near future to make the vocabulary much easier

June 26, 2012



I'm inclined to agree with anderleich on this. It would be nice to have a compilation of 'learnt' words to refer to after lessons have been completed as a reminder. Going back to repeat lessons won't necessarily help you remember the specific word you're having trouble with, and is also very time consuming. Just a small summery of vocabulary for each lesson would be helpful.


I completly agree with you Aglb100. Repeating done lessons it's a waste of time when you are looking for an expecific word. Moreover that word doesn't have to be in that lesson as they don't apear always in the same lesson. Having lists would be better as you have all the vocabulary related to a topic together and you can learn it easily. It doesn't have to be a lose of motivation. If you don't want to look at it, it's not compulsory.

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