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  5. "Tu ai un iubit?"

"Tu ai un iubit?"

Translation:Do you have a boyfriend?

July 23, 2017



do you have a lover?


i don't know if iubit means "lover" or if it has rather the meaning of French "amoureux". The word " lover" has ( to me at least - a sexual connotation, whereas "boyfriend" does not. and neither does French "amoureux" In French " lover" is " amant" which has a very clear sexual connotation. Could a native Romanian speaker please explain the real meaning of "iubit" which comes from the Russian verb " luybit" to love " or " to like" Ya lyublyu chai " I like tea" . Multimesc.


"Iubit" is indeed "lover" or "amant". The translation for "amoureux " is "îndrăgostit ". As for "boyfriend " it is usually translated by "prieten " or "iubit" depending on the nuances. Similar to "petit ami" in French


and girlfriend is " iubita " ?


I think so (or "prietenă").

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