"Yeye hazoeleki"

Translation:He cannot become used to

July 23, 2017



Is there a reason why "he is not used to" is not accepted ?

For "he cannot become used to", wouldn't a more correct translation be "yeye hawezi kuzoea";

July 23, 2017


The word kuzoea is a word that indicates a progress, so it can be translated to "become used to". So "he is not used to" would be translated as "he has but become used to" or "hajazoea"

January 12, 2018


The basic verb "kuzoea" carries the meaning of "be used to", or "become accustomed to". Therefore I think both translations to be acceptable. I am not a linguist, but there's a difference in meaning between the stative verb (a resultant state, the one being used) and the infinitive (the one you suggest).

August 23, 2017


Doesn't this really mean "It is impossible to get used to him/become familiar with him" I think the Swahili is OK though somewhat indirect, but the English translation is wrong.

February 19, 2019
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