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"Le sport"

Translation:The sport

July 23, 2017


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don't "le sport" and "les sports" sound the same?


sport /spɔʁ/ and sports /spɔʁ/, yes (unless the next word begins with a vowel, in which case sports will have an audible /z/ sound slurring into the next syllable).

le /lə/ and les /le/, no. (Again, similar to above, les will additionally have a trailing /z/ sound if the next word begins with a vowel)

And it's that pronunciation difference in the article that allows you to differentiate between the singular and plural.


I cannot hear the difference between singular and plural


It is the difference between "le" and "les" which are not pronounced the same.


So the question before, for "le sport" I put sport, but it marked it as wrong because it was exercise, but now I put exercise not sport and it's wrong because it was meant to be sport

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