"Ninapenda nyumba ambayo anajenga"

Translation:I like the house that he is building

July 23, 2017

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There should be space between like and the


Did you report it?


there were three choices - none of which could be applied - in the reporting mechanism.


Mambo rafiki! I have just made a report by using a valid sentence but marked as wrong, I love the house which she builds., and I can see there is also a mistake with the verb "love" with the system showing I lovethe house which she's building and saying I have used the wrong word (You used the wrong word., and not a typo because the verb builds seems to be rejected in this exercise) in my answer. Do not worry then, I hope this exercise will be fixed to accept all the valid sentences.

My report then consists of two items:

The "Correct solution" sentence is unnatural or has an error.

My answer should be accepted.

It is always convenient to make some report even when it is not accurate, so this increases the possibility to make the revision by a contributor. Perhaps (I would say... By sure) this work takes a lot of time, even many months (I can see Branden is the only contributor that can fix the exercises and he also has said that some are locked during the Beta phase of the course). I will keep making some reports for advanced units, but I really would like to finish the course after the Beta period, I hope so. And perhaps, it will take me a few months more to begin and practice every advanced unit until the end. Safi rafiki! =)


Were none of them "The English sentence is unnatural or has an error"? Hmm... did it mark you wrong or just tell you there was a typo?


It marked me wrong. It cycled me through a couple of times and only allowed me to go on when i gave the response it wanted.


I am copying the entire dialogue for you for you below:

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Ninapenda nyumba ambayo anajenga

I entered "I like the house which he is building"

The system commented:

You have an extra space. I likethe house which he is building

Report a problemDiscuss sentence (5) The audio does not sound correct. The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing. The Swahili sentence is unnatural or has an error.

You can see there is no apprpopriate choice to pick.


Hmm... I'd be inclined to pick the Swahili sentence being incorrect. I know it's not an accurate report, but anything to flag that something is wrong is better than not doing anything, I think.


There is still a problem which is obvious and cannot be reported


I like the house which....... is also correct


I like the house which he is building sounds more natural, and so is I like the house he is building (without a pronoun)!


tofautisha katika ambayo na ambalo

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