Translation:He makes

July 23, 2017

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Reported the fact that the pronoun is missing. ("hutengeneza" could be 1st, 2nd or 3rd person, singular or plural, couldn't it? Is there some default to "he"?)

Also reported that it is an incomplete sentence, in the sense that the English is begging for a direct object. (Might as well encourage them to write meaningful sentences.)

The developers have been pretty quiet for a while though. (13 Sept 2018).


You're right on all counts, and there is absolutely no default to "he" -- this is a flaw in the course. Swahili does not have gendered pronouns, so this is simply sexism codified in the English translation (as I've noticed "he" is offered exclusively as the translation in this lesson).


If I understand it correctly, 1st and 2nd person get a pronoun, while it's automatically 3rd person if there is none.


Isn't "repair" a more accurate translation ?


It's both. Make, repair/fix/mend/settle, arrange, regulate, reach a decision ...


I love Swahili and am glad there's a Duo course for it, but it's a significant flaw that all these translations seem to default to "he"! As we know, Swahili does not have gender anywhere in their pronouns or verb conjugations, so there is absolutely no reason for "he" to appear more than "she" -- let alone for "he" to appear exclusively. This kind of male-centric bias does not belong here. (And yes, as Catriona points out, any subject could go with "hu" in this way -- it doesn't even have to be third-person singular.) I hope Duo will fix this problem.

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