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What is the next step?

I have completed the French tree, and I have practiced all lessons and they are all golden. What is my next step towards learning French?

July 23, 2017



Congratulations on completing your tree; it takes a lot of dedication and effort to do so! Using other resources would be effective, such as watching television in French, listening to a Fench radio, reading books in French, and possibly practicing speaking with other people! Immersing yourself with the language is what will help you get to proficiency; the French course provided a simple basis that you can build on with other resources. Starting the reverse tree (English for French speakers course) can be effective as well; it might help you review some French words you have forgotten.


Bonjour, bravo, vous avez atteint le niveau 17, mais il y a 25 niveaux.....


tu dois atteint niveau 25 maintenant ! bon courage


Tu dois atteindre....

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