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Finished the German Tree

I started on December 16 and finished the German Tree after a 198 day streak. Experience points: 21558, 42%, Level 22, 646 Lingots. I finally saw the Golden Owl in all his glory on July 22, 2017.

I am a retired university Spanish professor and am very much impressed with Duolingo. It was frustrating to see that I needed to repeat each lesson, even after I had gotten a perfect score on it days before, but the Owl knew very well what I needed to review. This is the sort of computer language program, that I wanted to write for Spanish long ago, when I took some programming courses on Apple III machines. The local university had a certificate program that they told me would enable me to do this, but of course, they were clueless. Imagine writing such a program in Pascal, a program in which it could take ten hours to get all the bugs out of a simple math program.

I got tired of doing crossword puzzles to exercise my mind, and always wanted to know German, and although I realize that I have a long way to go to reach fluency, Duolingo was certainly a challenging and useful experience. I plan to continue, using the English program for German speakers as well as some books I have bought.

I realize that I need to find a German speaker who wants some help with English. I joined a club, but of the 16 members, I am the only one that has completed any lessons for over a month. \ Many thanks to the programmers and linguists that have worked so diligently to make DuoLingo possible.

July 23, 2017



Das ist eine tolle Leistung -- herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Ich bin auch schon etwas älter (wenn auch noch aktiv im Berufsleben), und ich lerne schrecklich gerne. Deshalb war auch ich sehr froh, Duolingo zu finden. Hier lernen wir in kleinen Portionen, die meiner Meinung nach sehr gut strukturiert sind.

Ich weiß nicht, ob Du diese Zeitschrift bekommen kannst (vielleicht an einem Bahnhof in Deiner Nähe), aber ich möchte sie Dir für Deine weiteren Studien empfehlen: http://www.deutsch-perfekt.com/ ("Deutsch perfekt" vom Spotlight-Verlag).

Ich selbst habe die englische, französische und spanische Zeitschrift dieses Verlags abonniert, und ich bin sehr zufrieden damit. Es gibt darin Erläuterungen zur Landeskunde, Vokabeln, Grammatik und viele aktuelle Themen.


Sehr gute Zeitschrift, herzlich dank!


iTalki and HelloTalk are a couple of language exchange apps you can you access on your phone or on your desktop! You can practice speaking German with native German speakers from around the world who wish to learn English in exchange!


Nice job! Are you going to do a reverse tree now?


Gut gemacht!





You can continue with Memrise and DW. For a conversation partner you can try conversationexchange.


Was ist DW? www.dw.com? Vielen dank für conversationexchange, das kannte ich nicht; sehr nützlich!


yes it is Deutsche Welle, dw.com


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Congratulations, it is an incredible achievement! Pascal isn't that bad, but Delphi is probably even better !


Glückwünsche! I hope to do that. I am retiring next year from the teaching profession, and am brushing up on my college German. Duolingo is the program we use at the middle school where I teach. I never cease to be impressed by the program.


Congrats! I recently came across the website italki.com They have a community section where you can find people to do a language exchange with. There are lots of German speakers who are learning English. Hope this helps!


Congrats! Have you looked at Duolingo's Spanish lessons? If so, what do you think about it?


Congratulations! :>


Sehr gut gemacht!


That's awesome. Keep it up!

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