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To anyone familiar with Bahasa Indonesian, can someone explain the pronouns to me?

I'm trying to learn Indonesian but I'm having a hard time finding resources online. I find the grammar easy but the lack of resources confuses me. I don't understand the difference between aku and saya for I, for example. Every website gives me a little bit of information but still leaves room for confusion. I don't know which one is used for formal and informal and normal. I'm also confused about noun plurals. Am I correct in saying that the noun just doubles, like "books" would be "buku-buku"? Also, do adjectives change based on number?

July 23, 2017

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  1. Aku is the informal version of I. It is used around people you have a close relationship with like friends, family etc. Saya is the formal version of I and used around people you don't have a close relationship with or want to show respect to.

  2. There aren't any endings to indicate if a noun is singular or plural, so buku means both book or books. The context usually tells you if it's more than one. E.g orang ~ a person, dua orang ~ two people. Because the two is there, you know that there is more than one person, so it must be plural.

  3. Adjectives don't change based on number. They stay the same for singular and plurals nouns.

I hope this answers all the questions you have. Good luck with Indonesian!

P.S Click here for a PDF guide to Indonesian grammar. I have only glanced at it, but it seems to be a good resource to look at when you need help with anything.

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