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My Problem with the Vietnamese Lessons

Being a native speaker just trying to strengthen my Vietnamese, I find the lesson very annoying and overly complicated at times. I can't see how someone new can enjoy learning it.

I think the lesson should focus on what the lesson is, not add 10 other things into one sentence. But that might just be me. But I feel like the spanish lesson are so well done compared to the Vietnamese.

I find myself writing a almost a paragraph for these sentences. Make it fun!

July 23, 2017


[deactivated user]

    All learning is fun for me, but as a new person it is very DIFFICULT! With other languages on Duo I feel like I have an invisible instructor helping me figure things out. Studying Persian out of books and web pages is easier for me than the Vietnamese lessons here.


    ikr, even I failed the lessons on my own tounge language multiple times. I think the problem lies in the difference in language structure, in which Vietnamese grammar allows a great degree of flexibility, not to mention tons of colloquial classifiers, while Romance languages tend not to. That being said, if you are looking for a bridge in language between the West and the East, Vietnamese is worth to try.

    Oh, if you need help with or further explanation for Vietnamese lessons, ask me. I'll be glad to help.


    I find the long sentences frustrating aswell, and they definitely made it harder to get to the level I am at now. However, I am trying to enjoy the challenge of persisting through them. In a way they have helped me to learn. But I would still prefer more and shorter sentences then fewer and longer ones.


    WOW, how many are u fluent in my friend? looks like a lot!


    As someone who started to learn Vietnamese, I agree. many examples in general don't even make sense, and frustrates the person that wants to learn it.

    [deactivated user]

      This is just Duolingo's model. Give you a sentence, give you a translation. Give you similar sentences with similar words, let you fill in the gaps to translate it.

      Normally, this isn't much issue with languages that are similar to our own, such as the Spanish course you seem to have done really well on. But as an English speaker, you probably have prior exposure to Spanish, but on top of that Spanish is an Indo-European language like English (we'll pretend you're a Native English speaker for the sake of the argument). There are a lot fewer gaps to fill.

      But with Vietnamese, you're starting hella fresh. Everything is a gap. So frustration is going to be a lot higher.


      No buddy, I'm am fluent in Vietnamese. My complaints are with the structure of the lessons. They are purposefully making it much harder. No one need to write a paragraph at a time. Most of the time with 3-4 things tuck into 1. Focus on the lesson and what should be focus on.

      I know it doesn't have as many contributors as the Spanish one but it is way to frustrating for me. It would deter new speaker from learning the language thinking it's super hard. But it's not and it shouldn't be.

      [deactivated user]

        Missed the native part.

        I know my VN level is low right now, but that's because I just reset it after a hiatus, so I can start fresh and not struggle so much on things I forgot.

        My experience was that it was difficult at first, but after the first checkpoint, it became quite a bit easier, and after the second checkpoint, it was yet even easier.

        Maybe I'm a bit more gifted than others when it comes to languages, but I'm also comparing this to the relative difficulty of other courses. Yes, VNese was a bit harder, but that's expected, it is a harder language for English speakers than German and Spanish. I wouldn't say the difficulty was undue.


        Do you have any examples of 'paragraphs' which are very annoying and complicated?

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