"We were telling each other everything!"

Translation:Noi ne povesteam totul!

July 23, 2017

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To tell= a spune also( check the dictionary if you don't believe me)


So, the question to native speaker: Can we use "spuneam" instead of "povesteam"?


Yes, you definitely can!

On a side note, however, Romanians usually (and somewhat unconsciously, as I did when DL marked my answer as wrong) qualify these types of sentences with a dative construction poorly translated as ”the one to another”, which takes on the gender of the interlocutors themselves, and which is not technically required by the sentence structure since this information is already contained in the "ne" particle ("to us"):

Noi ne povesteam / spuneam una alteia totul! (F->F)

Noi ne povesteam / spuneam unul altuia totul! (M->M, but used extensively for M->F and F->M forms as well)

Noi ne povesteam / spuneam unul alteia totul! (technical "correct" form of M->F)

Noi ne povesteam / spuneam una altuia totul! (technical "correct" form of F->M)

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