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To what extent did Duolingo's Japanese course help you in your studies?

Do you feel fluent now? Any drastic progress since you started using it? And would you recommend this course to others?

July 23, 2017



Well, the course in its current state covers almost everything I learned a few years ago already before I stopped and had a long break. I used the course as a review of what I learned and for this it was pretty good. It motivated me enough to do something every day which helped me a lot. I don't feel fluent now because the course only touches the basics (at least at the moment). But I feel more confident with these basics because I practiced them a lot more now. I agree with the other comment and wouldn't recommend it as the primary source for new learners because there's currently no grammar explanations. But I would recommend it as an additional learning tool.


This Japanese course only reached beta testing phase just over two months ago. Even then it was available only on the iOS app and nothing else.

A month and a half ago it was also made available on the Android app. This beta phase course didn't release at all on web (nor on the Windows app) and we don't really have any idea how long it will be until we get it either...

This course is still in the very early days of its beta testing phase. I think it might be a little too early to ask if anyone has become fluent through it just yet. ^^;


It has be a great experience. My study of the Polish language facilitated my studies in Romance languages. Just learning to read Japanese alone has facilitated virtually all of my other language studies!


As of now, considering that it's only available on iOS, and is void of features normally included on the web-version of Doulingo. I wouldn't recommend it as a primary learning recourse ( although you can use it to accompany your studies ), and nor has it really improved my Japanese.

I've been using Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar, which I would highly recommend to anyone learning Japanese. It is by far one of the best resources for learning Japanese that I've come across.

So I just sit here anticipating the web-release of the Japanese Doulingo course.

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