"Ele sunt scunde sau înalte?"

Translation:Are they short or tall?

July 23, 2017

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My husband is from Moldova and he says he has never heard of the word "scunde." his sister says they were taught it in school but it was never used. Even among the Romanians here it is not used. I am wondering if it is used in some parts of Romania and not in others?


That's a weird. As a Bucharest dweller, I can confirm it's a common word here. Googling the word reveals its usage in some articles from well-known publications.


The words "scund/ scundă/ scunzi/ scunde" are really used in most parts of the country: Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Sibiu, Timisoara, etc. It is a simple synonym for "mic de statură".


What is the word used by your husband for "scund"? Informal we use: pitic or mic (de statură)


Whats the difference between scunde and scund?


"Scund" is for singular masculine. "Scundă" is for singular feminine. "Scunzi" is for plural masculine. "Scunde" is for plural feminine.


It's depending whether it is male, female, singular or plural


That happens to other languages around the world. In some areas that speak the same language, they may not use the same terms as their fellow speakers.


It technically has nothing to do with Romanian but what is the difference between small and short please?

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