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Esperanto and Romanian

hi, I am learning Romanian and I would like to learn it fast as I need it in everyday conversations. I already speak English and French and I am native in Czech language. Do you think it would make it faster if I start learning Esperanto in in the same time with Romanian and German? I am not sure if it would help to be faster if I already know French. Also I usually do not mix up languages but these seem to be so similar. Is it fine to learn Esperanto and Romanian in the same time? I found it takes 150 hours to learn Esperanto but couldn't find how long it takes to learn Romanian and how much it takes after knowing Esperanto.

July 23, 2017



One downside of Esperanto I've noticed is that you then tend to become annoyed at the lack of regularity in natural languages :)
Romanian is an inflectional language with lots of rules and lots of exceptions, so it will take some time to learn, you should focus on it.


The fastest way to learn a language is just to focus on it exclusively regardless of how long it will take overall. As you already know French and English, I think Esperanto would mainly be a distraction unless you also really want to learn Esperanto. People basically recommend learning Esperanto to learn how you learn a second language. You already know two, so I wouldn't waste your time. If anything, French and your native language should be good helpers. Romanian shares some roots with French as both evolved from Latin, but due to Romanian's location in the world, there are some Slavic influences. Even being a not very good non-native speaker of Polish, I managed to notice a few.

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