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"Can I get two of the same bowls?"


July 24, 2017



おなじちやわんを二つください。 marked it as wrong. What the hell? I figured out how to make the small ゃ。 you need to press "x" before it


I'm not sure of the context - Am I looking for bowls to purchase, and I see one bowl I like, but I need 3, so I ask for 2 more bowls with the same pattern? Am I in a restaurant, and someone ordered a bowl of soup, and I tell the waiter - I'll have two more bowls of the same - ??

I wouldn't say can I get two of the same bowls. Is this a British saying?


This is Japanese course, therefore I assume Japanese sentence is made first. 'ちゃわん' is a tableware that is used to put rice. It is common for Japan. This sentence is used when to purchase. For example you find favorite one in a shop, and you say about the number that you need. In the case, this English sentence is not suit?


The purchase scene is the likely one. Whether the speaker wants the one he sees is not provided in the context.

If the speaker wants 2 more bowls of something he would say 二杯 of that something.

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