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Rytsas! Where can I practice High Valyrian?

I've been looking for some kind of forum or place to chat in High Valyrian, because I want to see if I have been learning something so far. Do you know any place?

July 24, 2017



The Dothraki website has a place for Valyrian learners to practice: http://forum.dothraki.org/

The link is just the forum part, here is the main webpage: http://www.dothraki.com/

Good luck with High Valyrian. It seems interesting to learn, especially the genders.

July 24, 2017


Yes, it's very interesting! Thanks a lot for answering!

July 24, 2017


With /r/HighValyrian on reddit we've created a dischord server focused on High Valyrian https://discord.gg/34fgYEd

So far it's the most active "chat" I know of. There is also a group on Telegram for speakers of Esperanto who are learning HV, and a link to that is also on the reddit page. We're basically all beginners, so we're mostly practicing the basics of what we've learned on Duolingo.

August 6, 2017
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