"Le giacche non sono larghe."

Translation:The jackets are not loose.

March 8, 2013

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Would "baggy" be a good translation for "larghe"?


Could this also be used to mean "the jackets aren't TOO big"?


TOO = troppo. you would say "Le giacche non sono troppo larghe"


Is there a grammatical rule for changing certain words into plurals? Such as giacca to giacche?


It has to do with the pronunciation. If changing the last letter would affect the pronunciation of the previous letter, that is "c" or "g", an h is added to keep the pronunciation consistant. So: la mucca - le mucche, l'amica - le amiche. There are, however, some exceptions, such as l'amico - gli amici.


The jackets aren't loose fitting was the first translation option when I clicked on hints, but it didn't accept it, thus making the owl sad . already into exercise so can't report it without redoing whole unit please fix it


" The jackets are not broad."is incorrect?


The jackets are not loose-fitting is incorrect? Is this a mistake by them or me?


Sorry I'm going to say you :/ The first translation was telling you that by "larghe" it meant loose but in terms of how it fits and not loose in some other way (so it probably won't work for hair that is loose). Notice when you hover over the word again that "larghe" is in black font and the "fitting" follows after a dash, in grey, and in parentheses. Just writing "loose" would have been correct.


i wrote "loose" and it was accepted.

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