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"Tôi người đầu tiên yêu ấy."

Translation:I am the first person to love her.

July 24, 2017



so how would you say "I am the first person she loves"? do you just swap the 'yeu' and 'co ay'? sorry, can't type any diacritics


Tôi là người đầu tiên cô ấy yêu I guess?


I am the first person loves her và I am the first person to love her. khác nhau chỗ nào vậy?


The first of the two should be "I am the first person who loves/loved her," but other than that, the sentences are only very subtly different and can basically always be interchanged.


I am quite confused, because imo this translates to I am her first love. Can somebody explain it to me?

[deactivated user]

    Yes. In correct colloquial English that would be a better translation. But you probably know by now that the Vietnamese Duolingo module was not written/checked by native English speakers...


    It would depend on how it is understood in Vietnamese.

    "I am the first person to love her" = I loved her. She might or might not have loved me back. More context is needed. "I'm her first love" = She loved me and it's implied that I loved her back

    What's the implication in Vietnamese?

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