"Do you have a red car?"

Translation:Hai un'automobile rossa?

March 8, 2013

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I thought 'automobile' was masculine. My dictionary says it is. So wouldn't it have to be 'automobile rosso', not 'rossa' in order to be the correct choice among the three. Since 'macchine' is plural, it doesn't work either. There doesn't seem to be a correct option. Am I simply wrong about 'automobile being masculine? I really thought it was, but I could be remembering incorrectly. I'm confused. :(


Certain words that seems to be masculine are actually feminine in Italian, like auto, moto, mano, metró and radio.

Other words that seems to be feminine are actually masculine, like cinemá, clima, comma and poetá. It's confusing indeed. :(


"auto" and "automobile" are feminine, your dictionary is maybe wrong or refers to something different that I cannot wonder now.

Hai un'auto rossa? Hai un'automobile rossa?


"Hai una macchina rossa." was also accepted. 10/18


Same here, doesn't accept - 25/7/20


why is 'una macchina' wrong here ???????????????????????????????? isn't it the same thing ?


Hai una macchina rosa rejected


Rosa is pink, not red. You really need double 's' here.


Thank you for the clarification. My larger dictionary has automobile as masculine. Obviously wrong. My smaller pocket-sized dictionary, which I consulted later, has it as both masc. and fem., which just confused me further! I think I need a new Italian-English dictionary. Grazie mille.


Thanks again!


Normally you adapt the color to the word, like: mele rossE etc. then why do you say : Automobile rossA, instead of Automobile RossE ?


You do match the ending of the adjective to the noun in number and gender. Because 'automobile' is a feminine singular noun, the adjective uses the feminine singular ending 'a'. If there were more than one car, then the ending of the adjective would be feminine plural 'e'. :)


My pleasure. The fact is that I receive far more help than I am able to offer, so I'm delighted to help when I can. :)

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